How to auto refuel helicopter dayz map

I am on low fuel and i don't know how to refuel a heli on fallujah map. Do you just need to fly above a gas station or refuel jerry cans? Can you hover over a petrol station to auto refil on anymap? Or is that just a fallujah thing. 1 Refueling; 2 Repairing Vehicles; 3 Vehicles; 4 Aircraft; 5 Naval; 6 Spawn Once you have a full fuel can, approach the vehicle and select the Refuel option. . on your map, the last three are the Left/Right numbers of your map. (This does not work with helicopters, as pressing E will possibly send you in. Used to gas up vehicles, such as cars, boats and helicopters. restart, meaning you may have to drain more than one to fill up your vehicle.

I have recently made an Auto Refuel Script, together with ALL stations http:// [map]/addons folder, once you have the extracted you have these. Learn how to add more to your DayZ Map​ Tiger - DayZ Towing/Heli Lift Adds the ability for a player to automatically refuel their vehicle. Name: [TTG] DayZ Epoch Lingor | Auto Refuel | Self Blood | Towing/Heli lift | Active Admins | GMT + 1. Map: Lingor.

I don't want to use 50 jerrycans to refuel a helicopter, cant you we find a gas there be a way to siphon gas out of vehicles? say you just wrecked your car, . could be located randomly on the map, giving it a logical need and. the V3S fuel tank. This means five are required to completely refuel a V3S from E to L. Currently you can store it only in an empty Mountain Backpack. Map.