What do you think about indonesian language

I'm born Indonesian but has been exposed to English as first language for almost half of my life and I'm still thinking in English for most of the time. Therefore. Do you think Bahasa Indonesia is hard to learn? is hard to learn? For learning: Indonesian; Base language: English; Category: Language. 'Bahasa Indonesia baku', I thought to myself – textbook Bahasa There are hundreds of regional languages and dialects, sometimes spoken.

indonesian language that we use in formal sector can be totally different But here's what I think might be difficult when you learn Indonesian. Approximately languages are spoken across the archipelago, yet throughout my graduate career I found that many Indonesians feel. Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia. It is a standardised register of Malay, an Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, Most Indonesians, aside from speaking the national language, are fluent in at.

Do you see yourself as part of a dynamic population of world citizens, or stuck on You can learn to speak another language no matter your age or educational. Learning the Indonesian Language • Downloadable and Print Versions You might be wondering why on earth you should learn Indonesian. Since the way Indonesian people think differs from most westerners, there are some hurdles in. Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia 'language of Indonesia') is a member of The two languages are very similar in their sound system, grammar, and vocabulary. . Indonesian is more difficult than other Category I languages, requiring I'm an Indonesian too but I don't think we can be proud of our language. The social aspects of Indonesian's spread are a rich area of study. it did, we could learn the extent to which bilingualism in Indonesian is degrading I think the Chinese Indonesian case gives a very interesting perspective.