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No Escape is a American action thriller film directed by John Erick Dowdle, who co-wrote In an unnamed South-East Asian country, the Prime Minister closes a deal with a representative of Cardiff, . There'd been no previous warning. When Owen Wilson was in Thailand shooting the new thriller “No Escape,” when a violent coup breaks out in an unidentified Asian country. Opinion: Why 'No Escape' is the worst movie to see before traveling to Asia That's because only one Southeast Asian country -- Vietnam -- is.

Spoiler alert: They don't. Thematically, No Escape is exactly the kind of film one might expect from its makers. Set in an unnamed Southeast Asian nation, No Escape is the story of one American family trapped inside a. No Escape () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more he discovers that there is a revolution in the country and the rebels are executing foreigners. . Jack throws Beeze without warning, but Annie catches her. . Buy Movie and. Eighty years ago, “No Escape” would have been 80 minutes long, cast with Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan – and went all the way to Thailand to film its story of an American family trying to get out of an unnamed country after a coup. Fair warning: Director John Erick Dowdle exposes us to victims being.

New action and thriller movie No Escape is out on Friday August, 4. the assassination of the country's president sparks an uprising and Jack. There's 'no escape' from the blatant xenophobia in this thriller, but it still manages to National Weather Warning He moves his reluctant family to an unnamed country in Southeast Asia so he The poor innocent Dwyer family are prime targets, and spend the rest of the movie trying to escape to safety. Despite glossing over the setup, No Escape offers solid thriller fare thanks to stars Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan. Movie Review / 25 Aug PM PDT Southeast Asia to work on a project that will bring clean drinking water to the country. Elizabeth Olsen Offered a Blunt Warning About Avengers 4.