What are flat characters in a play

Flat and round characters, characters as described by the course of their development in a work of literature. Flat characters are two-dimensional in that they are. She is a flat character because she is only defined by her devotion to her husband, but she still plays an important role in a narrative that focuses on the plight of. Benvolio is another flat character, who remains unchanged throughout the play. He is temperate, solid, and loyal, who always tries to maintain peace and.

Flat characters—minor figures that play a supporting role in the story—are used to move the plot along, providing subtle exposition. Different types of characters fulfill different roles in the narrative process, and with a little bit of Flat - A flat character is the opposite of a round character. Round and Flat Characters are the measuring stick for the basic literary writing skill known as Character Development. A Round Character is someone who is.

In literary works like stories, novels, and plays the characters are the most important components as the whole plot revolves around them. Two main categories of characters in literature are round and flat. Round characters in a story, play or novel are simply characters who are. Definition. A round character is a term coined by E.M. Forster and is the direct opposite of a flat character. A round character is extremely. Round characters are more fully developed and described than flat characters. Flat characters play a supporting role to the main character. They are the.