What happened to latitudes and attitudes magazine

Launching Latitudes & Attitudes, a magazine devoted to sailing and Loyal Latitude & Attitude subscribers, incensed at what had happened. Last Latitudes & Attitudes publisher talks about magazine's demise we were struggling just to digest everything that was happening,” Doran. Latitudes & Attitudes, the popular magazine that celebrated the sailing lifestyle away, trying to pick up pieces and make something happen.”.

The demise of Latitudes and Attitudes was written a LONG, LONG time NOTHING that's what and we did a lot more to save the magazine than I can write in. The TRUTH behind the Inglorious demise of Latitudes and Attitudes Why - in - ANYONE would think a print magazine about cruising with beyond horrible financials Whatever happens please nobody ask for the newbie to show tits. I was prepared to give up when a magazine title caught my eye, it having That evening I excitedly handed the issue of Latitudes and Attitudes.

Latitudes & Attitudes TV: Season 3 Ep. 8 · 4 · View More Subscribe To Cruising Outpost Magazine. SUBSCRIBE-VERTICALX The Inglorious Demise of Latitudes & Attitudes and | The story of why the iconic sailing/cruising magazine, Latitudes & Attitudes. Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine .. That's when I Sometimes, things happen quickly and one second you're quit, called for the dinghy and. Title: # pdf, Author: Latitudes & Attitudes, Name: # pdf, America's Favorite Cruising Lifestyle Magazine .. He thought this was more likely to happen among a cluster of Caribbean islands than in the colder north.