What scale is on30 model trains

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On30 gauge is the modelling of narrow gauge railways in O scale on HO ( mm/​ in) gauge track in scale ratio by American model railroaders. N, at , is actually a little larger than half -- an eighth -- the size of HO at ) However, 30" narrow gauge O-scale trains (On30) running on HO track will. Model Trains | Train Sets | Toy Trains | TrainWorld. ON30 Scale. Train Sets. Steam Locomotives. Diesel Locomotives. Trollies & Motorized Units. E-Z Track-.

On30 trains are bigger than HO scale trains, yet they run on the same track. How can that be? On30 is narrow gauge. Here's On30 scale vs HO. The designation "On30" in model railroading refers to the SCALE of the model (O scale) and the GAUGE of the track (30" Narrow Gauge.) On30 train models. Track gauge is the spacing between the rails - from inside rail to inside rail. O gauge, On30 gauge, and On3 gauge, are all O Scale (1/4 inch equals one is inches between the rails (the same gauge as HO scale track).

Many people immediately associate “O scale” with Lionel-sized toy trains. American O scale is proportioned , where Lionel and other “toy”. Choose a Scale | Scales A very common question we receive is: "What are Scales an. The On30 we carry is designed to run on standard HO Scale track. Both are 'O scale' - only the track gauge is different. The models are built to 1/4"= 1' scale(th). o - On30 is designed to run on standard HO. On30 Boulder Valley Models, On30 Broadway Limited Imports On30 Precision Craft Models, On30 Precision Scale Co. On30 Rusty Stumps Scale Models.