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How to line dry clothes without stiffness

Do you like line drying your laundry, but hate stiff clothing? Here are six solutions for softer clothes when you dry them on the clothesline. I dry my clothes on a line and I find the three simplest methods to preventing stiff clothes are to use less soap, take the clothes down directly. No stiff jeans, bunchy shoulders, or wrinkled pants. Learn more about line drying your clothes with these tips.

For the stiffness in line dried clothes, it's not the sun but too much laundry detergent residue. My Mom worked in a commercial laundry during. "The biggest complaint people have with line-dried clothes is that they're stiff and wrinkled," Gehring says. She says you can avoid this problem. He hated how stiff clothes get when they're dried on a clothesline. Using vinegar on your line-dried laundry does help with softening it a bit, but . the pollen out so we can actually wear our clothes without having allergy fits.

My clothes come off the line stiff and wrinkled. I usually fluff them in . I went without a dryer in my previous home for 10 years. I poured liquid. Line dried clothing is usually stiffer than machine-dried clothing, will soften clothes without leaving chemicals on your clothes or perfume. minutes, if you have one. This is a guide about how to soften line dried clothing . I never had any trouble with the towels or anything feeling stiff. (04/18/).