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How to play jackson ellis nba 2k15

In NBA 2K14, Jackson Ellis Is your rival throughout your career. Every time your Ellis represents the company by deciding when a player receives a shoe deal. Jackson Ellis is a character in NBA 2K's MyCAREER mode. He is a major character and the rival of the player character in NBA 2K14, and has a recurring role. jackson ellis is still in the game but this time he works for jordan and nike. he Our player just started journey in the NBA and it look's like Ellis.

I haven't played the My Career on next gen but i watch Smoove and i was astounded at the Ellis insertion into the game. NBA 2K18 Game Wiki I would understand this is you ported your player from 2k14 or something but him coming in and you having beef with this guy who you apparently know from. It's like an inside joke at this point if you didn't play 2k but the dude who they face scanned and voices Jackson Ellis was on there haha. I understand the computer probably doesn't have the ability to compare your stats to Ellis' but it should. My player is a league MVP, Finals MVP.