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P258b jeep what is the repair

Definition of error code PB - Vacuum Pump Control Range/Performance. Read expert Get diagnosis and repair information for trouble code PB. Possible Causes and Repair Information for Pb code. Learn what does Pb means? Pb Vacuum Pump Control Range/Performance. PB Electronic Vacuum Pump Performance - The Electric Vacuum Diagnose and repair any vacuum pressure sensor DTC that are present.

Hi. PB means the system has detected low vacuum from the electric vacuum pump. The most common way to fix this is to replace the. Reason for Jeep Wrangler PB and find the solution for the code Jeep Wrangler PB, we'll give to how to fix Jeep Wrangler PB trouble code problem. Repair Information for Pb code. Learn what does Pb Vacuum Pump Control Range/Performance means?.

Ive been searching and there's some other instances of this code, but no one really says how they fix it. I just had it get thrown yesterday, read. I've recently replaced my electric vacuum pump on my JK. I thought this would fix the OBD II codes but no luck. It is still reading the following. PB Jeep Auto Trouble Code description with all kind of problems on car models. Find the repair process of PB Jeep OBD 2 engine fault code.