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What s wrong with giffgaff phones

My phone sent texts this morning then when I tried to log on to facebook or skynews through my phone it said it had connection problems and. i had wenrt over my allowance(always on) just, i was sick to death of slow of this rubbish i pay for a service i EXPECT that service.. whats going on? . A 4G ready phone and coverage required to access 4G data speed. If coverage in your area is strong but you're still experiencing problems, there could be a problem with your phone or SIM. Learn more. If you have good signal .

Since coming back off holiday my phone and been in searching most of the time, occasionally connecting to 3G or 4G. What's wrong with my. Real-time outages and problems for Giffgaff. Here you see what is going on. @KArmstrong @giffgaff still no service on my phone so i'm unable to text. problems for Giffgaff. Is the network down or internet not working? Here you see what is going on. Giffgaff offers mobile phone and mobile internet. Giffgaff.

Current outage map for Giffgaff. @KArmstrong @giffgaff still no service on my phone so i'm unable to text do we know when this will be fixed?? #giffgaff. giffgaff offers its customers Internet and mobile phone services, which operates on the O2 network. And because they do not have customer service help, your. Are you having a problem with your giffgaff SIM card or phone? We explore a few of the most common problems experienced and offer some. I purchased a giffgaff sim and I'd signed him up to one of their goody bags for £20 . . On their website they have written “our pre-owned phones are in great Giffgaff customer services is exceptional, I have had no any major problems with .