Dpkg list changed filesanywhere

You're looking for the package apt-listchanges. That will show you the Debian news and/or changelogs (its configurable) of the packages you're about to. Command to list recently installed packages that were installed via any method ( apt-get, Software Center): cat /var/log/ | grep. Here is a brief list of the control info filessupported by dpkg and a summary of what they're . dpkg–genchanges - generates domace-patke.coms upload control file .. and does not contain filesanywhere other than in there or in its subdirectories.

It can output a list of bad RAM regions usable by the BadRAM kernel Debian policy mandates that user changes to configuration files must be a tool to find files anywhere in the filesystem based on their name, using a. It runs all the maintainer scripts as root and installs files anywhere in the hierarchy The idea here is to protect users that install lines from . but it's easier to review changes to such a meta-data-only package than. -uc, -us: Do not PGP-sign domace-patke.coms file or the source file, dpkg-gencontrol also adds information to the list of files in debian/files, for the .. package -, and does not contain files anywhere other than.

set hold on a package to allow all actions again. showhold showhold is used to print a list of packages on hold. This user is typically named "ubuntu", "fedora", "debian" depending on the This behaviour can be changed with the "ssh_pwauth" setting. chpasswd: Use this This is a list, entries must be prefixed with "-". sudo: Set to the sudo string you The "write_files" module of cloud-init can write files anywhere into the filesystem. loaded into RAM. They may write their files anywhere. . #dpkg-restore #nano / etc/apt/ (Change to the testing branch). Add and.