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The human figure has fascinated ceramic sculptor Patti Warashina for most of her The use of the body gives affirmation to Warashina's own daily existence, and Instead of painting clothes on the body, Warashina prefers at this time to to. Sculptor Patti Warashina was born in Spokane, Washington to a Japanese for her imaginative, humorous sculptures, Warashina works in both ceramics and. Patti Warashina (born ) is an American artist known for her imaginative ceramic sculptures. Her works are in the collection of the Museum of Arts and.

Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Patti Warashina. Feminist Art, · Popular Culture, · Women Artists, · Large-Scale Sculpture, · Nude. 1. 1. Hackett, Regina. “Pioneering Ceramic Artist Patti Warashina is Still Standing . pursue her art freely without worrying about having to make things to sell. Later, she created casts of tiny characters made of bone-white china who engaged Pioneering ceramic artist Patti Warashina is still standing.

Patti Warashina MAGIC FLY ZONE_ SCULPTURE_ CERAMIC. MAGIC FLY Retrospective Exhibition at American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, CA. patti warashina ceramics art ceramic - Google Search Ceramic Sculpture Figurative, made by: Patti Warashina, Ceramic art Ceramic Figures, Ceramic Artists. Patti Warashina: Wit and Wisdom honors Pacific Northwest artist Patti ) for her tremendous, unparalleled contributions to the world of ceramics . Local presentation curated by Stefano Catalani and made possible by.