What is psf27 steel

I passed on the mule in psf27 but I do have the Bradley Bowie. It is like CPMD2. For a woods knife it is a good steel. Not too hard to sharpen. PSF27(Carpenter) - Carpenter alloy, confirms to the AISI D2 steel, made using Spray Form technology. Spyderco is using PSF27 in their Gayle Bradley bowie. PSF 27 is a D2 class steel. It's spray formed unlike particle metallurgy. Because of this, according to the manufacturer "The Spray Forming.

Buy Knives with PSF27 Steel from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery. Does anyone know how PSF 27 steel compares to CPM 3V? I'm concerned with toughness and rust resistance. I would ideally use it in a. PSF 27 is a premium powdered metal tool steel. Supplied by DanSpray. PSF 27 has an enhanced D2 chemical composition making it ideal for.

About PSF Steel (Geek Version): PSF27 is a modern version of the old knifemaker favorite D2 (traditional ingot melted steel) produced using Peak Spray .