What is puddle lamp

When you unlock or open your door the puddle lights illuminate the ground by your vehicle to warn you of a puddle you might inadvertently step in. Submitted. Replace your worn out Puddle Lamps with trusted quality parts from 1A Auto. Our US Customer Support Experts will help you find the Mirror Puddle Light you. Lincoln, Hyundai and a few other brands have novel ideas for nighttime puddle lights.

A neat little upgrade that drivers don't always have in mind is a new side mirror puddle light. These lights illuminate the ground underneath your car with a nice. DIY Puddle Lights: A nice,useful and cheap modification to your car:). LED Puddle Lights from VLEDS - Long Lasting and High Performance Puddle Light Bulbs When customizing your vehicle, it is the little touches that make you.

Once we've established if it's cool or crappy we must discuss if pretty puddle lamps are a passing fad or here to stay in the luxury market.