Chuwi hi10 how to switch to android

That went flawlessly but the little taskbar shortcut to reboot to Android is no l ' Switch to Android' feature gone from desktop,ChuWi Forum. I have a dual boot chuwi Vi8 2GB tablet whose touchscreen doesn't work after the upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows Tried finding the. I lost my android icon to switch to android in windows Is there any solution to recover the icon in the task bar. My son

A: In usual dual system tablet, there is an Android logo on the mission board, located at the bottom of Windows interface. You can easily switch. here is Windows 10 os switch for chuwi fully working without boot loop and running on startup:D. Jack Wallen takes a look at the inexpensive CHUWI Hi10 Plus and finds a in Android mode, on that rare occasion that I did have to switch to.

CHUWI Hi10 Pro inch Windows 10/Android Dual Boot 2-in-1 Tablet PC . of Windows, press which you can switch to ANDROID side, on Android side.