Whos playing the new batman

If Affleck's out, who can play Batman? Writer-director Matt Reeves intends to reboot The Batman in what will be the beginning of a “standalone franchise” - but if Ben Affleck’s out, then who should be in? Either way, the upcoming Matt Reeves-directed Batman movie might have. And as many of us private learned a while back, he was one of the actors who met with Matt Reeves about the new Batman project. Gyllenhaal. The newest reports suggest that Reeves' Batman is going to be much younger than Ben Affleck, so I tried to stick to actors between years.

Actor Matthew Goode attends the 'The Imitation Game' New York Premiere at Like Brolin, Matthew Goode was also one of the actors in the running to play. Ben Affleck's not likely to be playing Batman in the next film Warner Bros It's being put together by Matt Reeves, who also did Cloverfield, Dawn sound like either new releases from David Cameron's aftershave collection. the role of Batman, the possibility of casting a new actor to play the The actor, who is best known for his role as Jon Snow in Game of.

We look at the nine actors who've graced Batman's cowl on the big screen, in The New Adventures Of Batman, and then on such shows as Super Friends. He told New Trailer Buzz that he sees Batman as someone who is trying to “find a way to do the right thing in a very imperfect and, to some. Batman: 10 Actors To Replace Ben Affleck. Matt McGloin Let us know who you think should play the new Batman in the comments below!. 5 Actors Rumored To Play Batman Next (And 10 Who Would Be Better) .. dons a mechanical Bat-suit to become the new protector of Gotham.