How far from germany to belgium

Find out how far is it from Brussels, Belgium to Berlin, Germany and see it on a map. Find out how far is it from Munich, Germany to Brussels, Belgium and see it on a map. Distance from Belgium to Germany how many miles and kilometers, how far is it from Belgium to Germany travel distance.

How to get from Belgium to Germany by train, bus, rideshare or car. Transport; Tickets; Hotels How far is it from Belgium to Germany? The distance between. How far is Germany from Belgium by air? The straight line distance from Berlin, Germany, to Brussels, Belgium, is kilometres ( miles). Distance: How far is it from Stuttgart to Brussels? The calculated distance (air line ) between Stuttgart and Brussels is approximately Miles respectively

a night) in Luxembourg on our way from Germany to Belgium. I know I can't book anything this far in advance but I was hoping to get an. I'm hoping for suggestions on where to drive to into Belgium that isn't over 1 1/2 hrs. The big ticket names are all too far to see and I don't have any idea of. Germany. Level Contributor. 65 posts. 1 review. Cheapest way from Belgium to So far, I found EasyJet airplane tickets for around 70 euros for round trip, but. See distance to other cities from Brussels – Brussels – Belgium measured in Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia - Alsdorf, Mon pm, km, 79 miles.