How to mix bass and kick drum

What better place to start building your mix than the kick-drum and bass parts? Get them to work well together and you're on your way to a good mix. I recently had a major mixing revelation. No matter what I tried I couldn't get my kick to stand out in the mix. The kick and bass sounded great on their own. You're probably familiar with that old bass and kick problem. When you're trying to get both the kick to punch through while keeping the bass defined and clear?.

While any studio-head can apply these tips while mixing bass and kick drums, there are a few factors that will increase your chance of a. One of the most commonly asked questions in audio is how to make the kick drum and bass sit well together in the mix. Since they are both. Listening to your favorite records drives you crazy. The kicks always sound tight and punchy. But the bass lines are thick and solid too. In your tracks, that seems.

For the kick drum, pay close attention to the attack time. If you go too fast, you will . Please tell me Sub-bass mixing tips. Reply. Rich Ridings. Here is a step by step tutorial about mixing bass and kick drum sounds to help them sit well in a mix without creating any masking problems using just a co. Mixing the low end is something that probably most producers out there spend When you're happy with your choice of kick drum and moving on to the bass.