How to use models own blending sponge Models Own - Make-Up Blending Sponges (1x Pink Sponge, 1x Shop with Points at Amazon Use your rewards points for purchases Amazon. Has anyone tried the Models Own Acorn Sponge Set for blending in foundation? I'm not sure I want to What do you use for your eyebrows? Aug 11, ; 8. Models Own's tear drop shaped Makeup Blending Sponges come in a they absorb a fair amount of any liquid product you use them with.

When applying make-up or foundation, you can easily smooth away visible lines and streaks with these blending sponges. Use the pointed end for. Models Own - Make-up Blending Sponges. Use the pointed end for hard-to- reach areas around your eyes, nose and mouthThe wider end is perfect for. Super-spongy blending sponges from Models Own in an adorable egg shape! Use the point end to easily smooth away small lines and crinkles. Use the wide.