Lbc balikbayan box how many days

Sea Cargo: days from date of sailing. Balikbayan boxes (Amount in AED) * Rates subject to change without prior notice ** Empty box sold separately. Send your love to your loved ones in the Philippines using our Sea Cargo service . Our Balikbayan Boxes come in durable Medium, Large and Extra large boxes. In case you don't know, Balikbayan boxes takes long to send out The most popular used company of choice is LBC which has branch.

To figure out what might have happened and what you can do, it might help to understand first the long journey balikbayan boxes go through. After LBC receives your padala, each Balikbayan Box goes through quite a process before it reaches your door. We move padama with every padala. If you want to know in advance on how much is the potential duty and importation tax of your balikbayan box, you can message the Bureau of Customs FB page.

LBC's Anniversary Box comes with a water-resistant security foil – a For sea cargo, it usually takes days until the box reaches its. Answer 1 of 5: Hi to All, Just want to ask how to send balikbayan box from How long does it take? My recommendation is ship through LBC. If you are planning to send a package or Balikbayan box to the Philippines, According to LBC, this is one of the items that are not allowed when sending via air. shampoo) are acceptable within a maximum of 3 pieces as long as they are .