Who changes the light bulbs on towers

In this video, which is perhaps not for those with fear of heights, this tower technician scales a foot tower to change the lightbulb, snapping. What does your work entail as a tower climber? We build the towers, we take them down, we put the lights on them, we change the lights, we paint them, we. Sky-high light bulb change passes 1 million views Neither did Todd Thorin, a co-worker of Schmidt's at Sioux Falls Tower who shoots drone.

Tower Technician jobs available on Apply to Technician, Wind Turbine Technician, Tower Technician and more!. Bloke climbs 2,ft tower to change a LIGHTBULB. IF you think your job is tough , then just be thankful you're not having to do it 2,ft up in. How many crazy people does it take to change a light bulb? Just this guy.

Imagine climbing up a foot radio tower to change light bulbs. That is one of the duties that radio tower bulb changers, more commonly known as radio. Changing a light bulb can prove problematic at the best of times, so just imagine the difficulty of tackling one that sits almost half a kilometre up.